Movie Competitions is a brand new website featuring the latest in movie trailers, exciting movie giveaways and a range of other content we think you will love.

Established in 2017 we aim to be the one stop shop for UK readers who love to watch trailers and hear about all the new movies on the way, from Hollywood Blockbusters to European Art House titles and everything in-between. We’ll also be featuring new releases from Netflix and other online streaming websites too.

Movie Competitions

In addition to all that we’ll be publishing a range of lifestyle features covering everything we think might be interesting to our audience (you).

If you would like to get in touch regarding questions about the site or potential commercial partnerships email Pete on info@moviecompetitions.co.uk

Pete Graham is also the editor of www.flushthefashion.com a lifestyle & culture magazine style website that since 2010 has been a source for music reviews, travel features, film, food, cars features from experts in their fields including Steve Clarke & Sara Darling.