What is Vitamin D?

To mark the clocks going back on the 29th October, new research by SunVit-D3, reveals that Brits are surprisingly unaware of the importance of Vitamin D and the effects it can have on us. During the winter months, where darkness reigns supreme, decreased amounts of sunlight exposure can leave us with a vastly depleted level of vitamin D which can, in turn, leave us feeling tired and potentially lead to other health problems.

A lot of people don’t realise that vitamin D is essential for the regulation of our body, including normal muscle growth, immune system and general wellbeing. Without the correct levels of vitamin D a person could experience health problems such as fatigue, bone ache, insomnia and general mood problems. Shockingly, research suggests this lack of Vitamin D during the winter is exactly the case for many Brits, but there are several ways, other than sunlight, that can help ensure a healthy well-being including diet and taking supplements.

Watch the video, featuring Dr Roger Henderson, with top tips and professional advice to make sure you’re at the top of your game during winter, so you experience all the benefits that Vitamin D has to offer.

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Devoted to the importance of Vitamin D for all the family, SunVit-D3 Ltd is a rapidly growing company that provides a vitamin supplement to regulate healthy levels of vitamin D in our bodies. They pride themselves on their unique family orientated ethos from those who head up the company, produce the product, and their consumers. Another crucial feature of the company is their promise to produce high quality supplements that are manufactured according to GMP principle.

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